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After celebrating Christ's birth with a Christmas Tree Festival for a number of years it becomes harder to think of a new idea. This year we decided to focus on Christmas around the world. Each group was given a country to research and, as happens each year, their imaginations knew no bounds. Each tree reflected how Christians in that particular country celebrated Christ's birth. Along with photographs of the trees there are also a few cards explaining Christmas in that country. Each tree had a card by it so visitors could read how others do things differently from us. We also had a silver tree this year where church members and visitors could write a prayer.


Christmas Tree Festival 2010

Our tree decorations this year depict different stories from the Bible - from the Old Testament leading to the birth of Jesus in the New Testament. 2011 is the 400th Anniversary of the Authorised version of the Bible and the church will be encouraging people with to learn more about God's word through Biblefresh – an initiative of the Bible Society for all churches. The King James' Bible was the third translation of the Bible into English, the first being completed by John Wycliffe, although there had been partial translations by earlier scholars. Many scholars gave their lives so that everyone could read God's living Word.


Aspley Christmas Tree Festival 2008

This year our groups used their creativity to decorate their trees to represent "The Twelve Days of Christmas". Several also used the Christian definitions in their tree decorations. The Five Gold Rings tree shows an example of this. Try and see the Christian definitions in some of the others if you can. We welcomed visitors on the two Saturdays before Christmas when lunches and drinks were offered. All our Christmas services were enhanced by our decorated trees and we thank all the groups who worked hard to make the festival a success.


Aspley Christmas Tree Festival 2007

Looking forward to HOPE 2008 all our groups decorated the trees to reflect the hope that charities we support bring. Framework and Emmanuel House expressed our concern for the homeless and disadvantaged while NCH and Samaritans Purse told the story of children and families in need. Visitors to the festival were given an insight into the work of these and other agencies that bring HOPE to those less fortunate than ourselves.


Aspley Renovation

After many years of planning and fund raising, the church renovations began in April 2006.


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